Acustica Launch Sienna

Sienna is an ambitious three-plugin suite from Acustica Audio that promises to put an end to the long-standing issues tied to the practice of mixing on headphones.

They’re not the first company to attempt to crack this problem, of course, but they use a different technology from their competitors. Using a combination of their exclusive ‘dynamic convolution’ technology and an ad-hoc algorithm, Sienna both corrects the response of over 150 headphone models, ranging from the affordable to the high end, and includes detailed emulations of two different studios, plus an anechoic chamber and four professional speaker sets.

Two additional expansion packs have already been announced, and these will bring the Sienna collection to a total of 10 studio control rooms and over 30 professional and consumer-grade speaker emulations, including devices like TVs, radios and laptops. The company have not yet said so officially, but we also expect that further headphone profiles and studio emulations will be made available in the future.

Sienna is available now at the limited-time, ‘early-bird’ offer of €89 (40% down from the regular pricing of €149) until 25 March 2021. After this date, and for the remainder of the introductory period, Sienna will be priced at €119. The two additional volumes are going to be priced at €79 and €49 respectively.

The price covers all three plug-ins, all of which support AAX, VST and AU plug-in formats and Mac/Windows DAWs. Sienna Rooms offers both headphone correction and the studio emulations, whereas Sienna Reference offers only the headphone correction. These two have sleek, uncluttered GUIs and are designed to be super-easy to use, whereas the third plug-in, Sienna Guru, offers a number of more sophisticated controls that allow the user to fine-tune their headphone-listening experience.

Check out the video below.


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